D.S.A. - Technical Assistance

The DSA (formerly ATS) has been active since 1992 in the field of technical assistance to businesses and individuals all over the Europe and worldwide. Our business mainly involves the installation and maintenance of hardware and software equipment for the printed circuit board industry, but over the years accumulated experience and the expansion of the global market has led to a diversification of demand and supply increasing industrial fields of intervention.

Currently we work on electromechanical and electronic equipment on behalf of several companies mainly Italian, European and extra European.

Since February 2015 we are also official distributors of Avira, one leader of antivirus protection for private and business solution.

Our services for Companies and private.
What can we do

The products we followed, from installation to guarantee, to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, with particular attention to relations after-sales and customer satisfaction, are:

  • Laserplotter to 256/512 laser beams, PCB and Graphics
  • Ink-jet machines for screen printing
  • PCB Film processor and Silver recovering systems
  • Pick & Place machines for SMD components
  • Tools for the control of ionic contamination electronic cards
  • Tools for the control of the weldability of electronic components
  • Personal computers and associated software
  • Equipment cleaning and checking stencil
  • Equipment for the deposit of the conformal coating
Official Services
Contacts info
Via Gorizia, 37 Vigevano (PV) - Italy
Phone: 0381.42570
Mobile: +39 329.2424567
Mobile: +39 335.6084688